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Thanks to newly delivered warehouses, the storage facilities meet our customers’ latest requirements, current standards, and regulations. We are also prepared for further growth in the future. The warehouses include PGS15/CPR15 and an environmental permit, allowing us to store virtually all environmentally critical substances for you. Additionally, we’ve designed the storage facilities to serve various types of customers and store products. Think of bunkers, separate compartments, warehouses with and without dividing walls, allowing us to store sensitive or odor-sensitive products and products with special handling methods or requirements optimally.

Megajoule 1-5
4791 RX Klundert

Oostelijke Randweg 20-24
4782 PZ Moerdijk

Logistic Boulevard 13
4791 VC Klundert

Davisstraat 10
3199 MA Maasvlakte Rotterdam

Bosporusstraat 51
3199 LJ Maasvlakte Rotterdam