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AWL Group of Companies

100.000 m² customized Warehousing & Logistics – your preferred supply chain director

AWL Group of Companies is a logistics service provider specialized in storage of ADR, automotive, food and non-food goods in Moerdijk, and retail and energy-related products on the Maasvlakte, Rotterdam. From these locations, distribution across Europe or exports are coordinated for our clients. We are a young company but with years of knowledge and experience in various fields thanks to the people who built the company. AWL proudly serves as a logistics partner for major international companies.

  • Extensive network, both nationally and internationally
  • Global player
  • Fast decision-making
  • Bespoke solutions for each customer

Megajoule 1-5
4791 RX Klundert

Oostelijke Randweg 20-24
4782 PZ Moerdijk

Logistic Boulevard 13
4791 VC Klundert

Davisstraat 10
3199 MA Maasvlakte Rotterdam

Bosporusstraat 51
3199 LJ Maasvlakte Rotterdam